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The arts vacation you didn't know you need.

Movement Retreat

AUGUST 5-10, 2019


Childhood camp dream meets sensual movement training for actors, set against blossoming landscape as summer stretches into its full height. The Movement Retreat offers up the Williamson work you love with copious amounts of free time. We’ll set our schedule around the sunrises and sunsets, and spend more time at the lake, on the land, and fireside.


Williamson Retreat

OCTOBER 14-19, 2019


Six-day immersion to devote oneself entirely to the discipline. Williamson Retreats center around intensive classwork designed to reconnect the acting instrument with the world. Time on the land as the trees drop their leaves will ground the body in slow time while clean food keeps it running optimally. Experience the work from the source with special guest and technique founder Loyd Williamson.


Meet Ronora.

Ronora Lodge & Retreat Center is on the site of historic Camp Watervliet for Girls founded in 1934 by Dr. Henry Tatter and Velda Jordan Tatter.  The property was purchased from Dr. Lonny Myers in 1988 by three friends who share a love for the land.  They have restored the historic buildings and increased the acreage to preserve this beautiful natural setting.  All effort goes toward making Ronora Lodge & Retreat Center a place where, in the words of Dr. Tatter, you can "feel Mother Earth, sense Her balance, and find your own."


Ronora is expansive. Here’s a taste:

  • Miles of groomed, looped trail on Redtail Nature Preserve

  • Indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits

  • Spring-fed Lake Sherwood for paddling, swimming, and fishing

  • Open-air studio, facing the lake

  • Migrating birds, carpets of wildflowers, ripe wild blackberries and mulberries, and beauty in every season

  • Verandas, porches, picnic tables - plenty of places to settle in and settle down

  • The biggest bonfires

  • Sacred energy healing spaces

  • No light pollution (you can see stardust)

  • Woodlands, meadows, wildlife, pristine pastures

  • All in Grandma-chic-meets-Wes-Anderson decor

Ronora is like wrapping yourself in a blanket of peace and serenity woven by nature.
— Ora Uzel