Food Is Fuel

The majority of conversations I have with students eventually land on the same questions: What are you eating? Are you hydrated? How is your rest? It's unavoidable! Actors live in their instruments! We literally cannot step away from the body that does the work, so the patterns of our lives have to hold space for making sure the instrument is ready.

Nutrition is a domino effect. The food I consume is either fuel or it's sludge; it can gear me up to function optimally or slow me down while the gut attempts to digest. Most days I don't have space to slow down. As a teaching artist there isn't a moment during my work day that says Yea sure! Let your brain fog up! We'll all wait! No. I need to stay sharp.

I can't always control how much rest I get. Odd gigs, late rehearsals, seventeen hour days - rest fluctuates. I can stay hydrated and control the food I eat. So I attempt to eat the way we cook at Movement Camp: clean, plant-based, organic, alkalizing. I notice an enormous difference when I treat food as fuel. Our #movementcampfam agrees - the camp kitchen sparks tons of food convos across multiple diets and lifestyles. It's been a great place to pick up tips, tricks, and recipes to remember while we're back home in the hustle. The kitchen is a great common ground because we ALL EATING EVERY DAY and figuring out how to best fuel artist bodies is lifelong work. So we share the load. Collective genius breeds community health. 

Kendra Holton