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The arts vacation you didn't know you need.

Who + Why


Actor’s Movement Camp is inspired by the actor retreats curated by American master teacher Loyd Williamson at Tamarack Lodge Actor’s Retreat House. For twenty years, Loyd infused his legendary physical technique for actors with the vibrant landscape of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. That’s where we met, and where our own teaching and artistry blossomed. Actor’s Movement Camp retreats are crafted in the spirit of Loyd’s work, and sometimes, when we’re lucky, he comes along.

Our work in the world is training actors who are deep, expansive, skilled, and vibrant. We’re obsessed with sustainability and done with overwork. We’re in this profession for life, and we want you to be, too.


Joseph Matyas, Co-founder

Joseph is a teaching artist from New Jersey by way of Philadelphia, where he graduated from the University of the Arts. He is a decade into mentorship under Loyd Williamson, and is a certified teacher of the Williamson Technique (and proud Williamson purist). Joseph teaches classes and retreats all over Chicagoland, and is a movement instructor for the Gately/Poole Conservatory. He is an adjunct instructor in movement for BFA actors at Northern Illinois University, where he regularly coaches physical impediments for the production season. 


Kendra Holton, Co-founder

Kendra is on performance faculty member at Northern Illinois University School of Theatre and Dance where she teaches movement, voice, and acting. Raised on Florida swampland by way of NYC, Kendra trained at Moscow Art Theatre and Shakespeare and Company, and has mentored under multiple master teachers in several disciplines. She logged thousands of classroom hours in the last decade including six years curating voice and movement curriculum for the Gately/Poole Conservatory. Kendra is a certified Williamson teacher and fierce protector of individualized process. She's the founder of Human in Public, a resource collective for crazy busy creatives. 


Real talk, come to the next one if you can! It’s so magical.

Movement Camp was total bliss.

It’s been a wild 24 hours transitioning back to daily life. Crazy how spending four days in a mindful, experiential, transaction-free, brave and uninhibited soul space can reset the system. And to train with some of the best humans I’ve ever met. An experience never to be forgotten.

I am so thankful for the dedication, attentiveness, and careful planning Joe and Kendra put into their Williamson retreat.

I feel I finally understand a true dedication to process thanks to you two.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for this past wonderful week of magic we shared. Special shouts to Joe and Kendra for leading the retreat, and for showing me just how strong I am. I owe it all to you, myself, this beautiful sacred Williamson work, and of course, goat cheese.

Joe and Kendra are actual wizards.