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The arts vacation you didn't know you need.

Actor’s Movement Camp serves up plant-based, sober, digital-detox movement retreats on 400 acres of nature preserve in southwest Michigan. There’s a private lake, outdoor studio, and no wifi; it’s a one-week theatre maker’s co-op dream in the cutest Grandma-decorated cabin on Earth.


Upcoming Retreats


Williamson Retreat
October 14-19, 2019

Six-day immersion to devote oneself entirely to the discipline. Featuring special guest and technique founder Loyd Williamson.




Process + Technique

Our retreats are immersions: we escape the pedestrian world to delve completely into the artistic. Every element of the retreat is curated to reset, rejuvenate, inspire, and fuel the work you love.


Clean Cuisine

Meals are gorgeous, slow, and community-centered. Our menu is a plant-based, clean-eating, alkalizing, seasonal comfort food experiment aiming to reset and level-up the artist’s instrument. We work with nutritionists to meet the needs of any dietary preference, so come at us with your paleo, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free game. We got you.


Connect with Nature

How’s your body right now, as you look at this screen? Imagine instead you are outside, feet on the earth, staring up at a giant tree, looking out across the lake at sunset, or running down the path to find the moon. Connection to nature is essential to our work as artists. It keeps us right-sized. The Williamson work we love is intricately attuned to the natural world, and our retreats revolve around it.


Rest & Relax

Each day includes a chunk of downtime. It’s essential: the rat race pace we keep as training and working artists discourages fully experiencing the world around us. So. Read a book by the fire. Take a nap in the grass. Do nothing. It’s good for you.



2019 registration is open.